Lecture by Prof. David Kittay, “Almost Dead, Almost Alive, Almost Buddha: Immanence in Tsong Khapa’s Interpretation of the Gujhyasamaja Tantra”

October 24, 2019 @ 5:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
HSSB 3041

In the system of the Guhyasamāja Tantra, known in the tradition as the “King of Tantras,” the last stage of the dissolution of the subtle body in the natural death process—also employed by the yogi seeking actual enlightenment—is called “imminence” or “near-attainment” (Skt. ālokopalabdha, Tib. nyer thob).  Relying on the “Explanatory Tantras” of the system and on Tsong Khapa’s commentaries on them, this talk explains the state of immanence.  It also touches upon the role of quantum physics, not as an explanation of imminence or tantra, but rather as a basis for faith for many modern Buddhist practitioners.