Minor in American Indian and Indigenous Studies

The American Indian and Indigenous Studies Minor is designed to give students an understanding of the ideas, practices, experiences, and issues confronting native peoples of North and South America through the study of their histories, environment, cultures, languages, politics, and economies. The minor, available to all students, recognizes the significance of indigenous languages and cultures as an important part of the heritage of all American peoples. The focus of the minor at UCSB builds on the historic strengths of a variety of disciplines in the humanities, arts, and social sciences.

All courses (see course descriptions) to be applied to the minor must be completed on a letter-grade basis. This includes preparatory and upper-division courses offered by the Department of Religious Studies and those offered by other departments.

Note: Substitutions and waivers are subject to approval by the department. Check catalog course descriptions for prerequisites or other departmental restrictions. See “Academic Minors” for special conditions governing minors in the College of Letters and Science.

Minor FAQs

How do I declare a minor?

The student must initiate the process by consulting with the sponsoring department (Religious Studies).
To receive recognition for completing the minor, the student must notify the sponsoring department early in the final quarter – when candidacy for the bachelor’s degree is declared. You should bring an annotated version of the minor requirements sheet, highlighting all courses you intend to put towards your minor.

Is there a deadline for filing the minor?

You must declare degree candidacy no later than the 2nd week of your final quarter. Your minor declaration should be complete prior to declaring degree candidacy. When graduation approaches, the department will prepare a minor clearance form for you and send the form to the Registrar. Be sure to inform the department early in your final quarter, even if you are still completing courses toward the minor!

Can I request an exception/substitution to one of the requirements for the minor?

Yes! You can request a minor credit petition (contact: klencioni@HFA.ucsb.edu) If the request is approved, it will be noted on your minor clearance form.

Will the minor appear on my diploma?

The minor will appear on your diploma and transcript after the Registrar has processed your minor.

Who should I contact about the minor?

Please contact our Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Kailee Lencioni.