In Memoriam

Thomas F. O’Dea (1915-1974)
Sociology of Religion

Charles Wendell (1919-1982)
Islam, Arabic, and Farsi

Wilbur Fridell (1921-1994)
Japanese Religions

Walter H. Capps (1934-1997)
Western Religious Thought

Robert S. Michaelsen (1919-2000)
American Religion

R. Ninian Smart (1927-2001)
Comparative Philosophies of Religions

Phillip E. Hammond (1931-2009)
Sociology of Religion

Raimundo Panikkar (1918-2010)
Comparative Religion

W. Richard Comstock (1928-2013)
Western Religious Thought

Gerald Larson (1938-2019)

Wade Clark Roof (1939-2019)
Sociology of Religion

Inés Talamantez (1930-2019)
Native American Religions
Charles Long (1926-2020)
History of Religions, African and Afro-American Religions

Nandini Iyer (1931-2021)