Nathan Fredrickson

Religions in North America, Religion and Literature, Cognitive Science of Religion, Translation Studies, Writing Studies, Global Studies, Ancient Mediterranean Studies


Nathan Fredrickson is interested in how humans make, inhabit, and move among worlds and worldviews. His long-standing interest in cosmologies, myths, religions, and philosophies led him from studying languages and worldviews of the ancient Mediterranean region and West Asia to researching the phenomenon of made-up worldviews in the fictional worlds of contemporary literature, genre fiction, and other forms of entertainment.

Academic History

Honors BA, Classics, Saint Anselm College, 2006.
MA, Classics, University of Illinois at , 2009.
MS, Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, 2011.
MA, Religious Studies, University of California Santa Barbara, 2013.

  • Title of Master’s Thesis: “The Gospel of Judas, the Subversion of Royal Ideology, and the Generation of a Sovereign Self.”

PhD, Religious Studies, University of California Santa Barbara, ongoing.

  • Dissertation Title: “Making Worlds Within Worlds: Worldviews in Fantastika”