Kolby Knight

Religions in North America, Catholic Studies, Religion and Economy
HSSB 3043
Office Hours:
R, 12-2
Time Period: Winter 2020


Acting Graduate Student Liaison

B.A.      Mercer University

M.Div.  Wake Forest University School of Divinity

“Knowing how to learn, and learning how to know, imply that there are modes of thought that are not limited to the exercise of reason; and it is these modes that place reason within the structures of life itself” — Charles Long “The University and the Study of Religion”

My research focuses on sites of so-called leisure-time amusement at the turn of the twentieth century.  Focusing on vaudeville theaters, world fairs, municipal art commissions, and universities in the United States, I am generally interested in spaces historically advertised as religious and spectacular that have worked to obscure the human technologies and material currencies on which they depend (e.g., copper and electric grids, silver and silver screens, textiles and costumes, timber and publications).  I am also interested in the intersections of anthropological study and the study of religion, as they have occurred at universities and in popular culture in the United States.  I am hopeful that the study of religion can play a pivotal role in shaping more sensitive and serious communities of learning that engage in what Morris Jastrow, a scholar of religion in the early 20th century, called the “historical sense” of religious studies.