Grace Hanshaw

Religion and the Environment, Indigenous Religions, Understanding Life and Death in the climate crisis
Curriculum Vitae:


Grace Hanshaw is a Masters student, researching indigenous ecological knowledge and religious means of confronting death on the crest of the climate crisis. She comes to Santa Barbara after receiving her Bachelors of Science in Ecology and Evolution from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She is committed to scholar-activism reliant on interdisciplinary perspectives, and to advocating for environmental justice in the form of climate policy cooperation with indigenous peoples. Grace works alongside Dr. Greg Johnson (Religious Studies, UCSB) and Dr. Lisa Sideris (Environmental Studies, UCSB).

Teaching Assistantships: 

ANTH 5 – Introductory Biological Anthropology

ENVS 70 – Introduction to Environmental Ethics

ENVS 3 – Introduction to the Social and Cultural Environment

“We are a young society, those of us here now. The influence of those who came here can still be seen, those who shaped the land and whom the land shaped. They acknowledged the land. They communed with the land. Their descendants are knowledge keepers, and we need action to restore connections and recognize Indigenous peoples’ right to this land. We all return to the land eventually.”

– Summer Wilkie