Eliz Hale

Religion in North America, Islamic Studies, Psychology of Religion


Eliz is a Ph.D. student specializing in religion in North America and Islam in the United States. She focuses on the ways that people seek to speak to deities, spirits, aliens, and the personified recesses of their own minds. Her main advisor is Kathleen Moore.

Eliz completed her B.A. in International Studies with a Middle Eastern and Northern African concentration from Colorado State University in 2016 and her M.A. in Religious Studies from UCSB in 2022.

Teaching Assistantships:

Winter 2023 RG ST 37 Introduction to Legal Humanities

Fall 2022 RG ST 10A Arabic I

Spring 2022 RG ST 10C Arabic III

Winter 2022 RG ST 10B Arabic II

Fall 2021 RG ST 10A Arabic I

Professional Activities and Services:

Eliz is the program coordinator for the Office for Scholarship and Fellowship Advising at Colorado State University.