Michael Ium

Buddhist Studies, Tibetan Studies, South Asian Religions, Indo-Tibetan Buddhism


Generally, my interests lie in Buddhism and South Asian Studies. My more specific interests include Tibetan Buddhism, Indian Buddhism, and South Asian Tantra. For my MA thesis, I translated the ‘two truths’ portion of a 16th century polemical text, composed by Jetsun Chokyi Gyeltsen. This text was Jetsunpa’s response to a perceived criticism of his own Geluk tradition by the Sakya thinker Gorampa Sonam Senge. My PhD dissertation examines the early history of Ganden Monastery; this research is based upon the translation of Tibetan texts, including histories, biographies, monastic guidelines, and catalogues.

The greatest honor I have received in my career is that you, Gentle Reader, have landed on my profile.